Arrow 200 Sub 10cm GNSS with Atlas

arrow 200 atlas gps precision
  • Full GNSS + Atlas L-Band;
  • World-wide real-time coverage;
  • Up to 8 cm real-time accuracy with Atlas H10 Service*;
  • Multi Frequency: L1/G1/B1-L2/G2/B2;
  • 100% Android, iOS, Windows compatible;
  • Upgradable to 1 cm RTK real-time accuracy;
  • Supports Esri, Terrago and other Mobile GIS software.
    * Annual Subscription Needed

Up to 8 cm accuracy World-Wide without RTK or SBAS

Android, iOS and Windows compatible

os icones gps precision
arrow 200 10 cm Sub Foot

arrow 200 rtk

With Atlas L-Band differential correction, the Arrow 200 GNSS with Atlas covers almost the whole Earth without SBAS or RTK

Atlas is a worldwide GNSS differential correction service, offering the most innovative base station-free corrections via L-Band satellites at accuracies ranging from meter level to a few centimeters. The Arrow 200 GNSS with Atlas L-Band provides worldwide decimeter positioning to your smartphone, tablet or notebook computer. With approximately 200 reference stations worldwide and L-Band satellites distributing coverage from 75°N to 75°S, all of the earth’s landmass is covered.

Use the Mobile GIS Software of your choice

Seems like a new Mobile GIS software is being offered each week? With Arrow 200 you will not be tied to legacy GNSS receiver hardware or GIS software, the Arrow 200 will grow with you.

The Arrow 200 with Atlas feeds up to 8 cm accuracy to every app on your Android or iOS device, even Google or Apple maps!


All Satellites, All Signals

The Arrow 200 RTK GNSS incorporates premium features that place it among the highest performing receivers in the world. It takes advantage of all existing satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, SBAS) as well as emerging and planned constellations (Galileo and QZSS) to deliver top-notch 8 cm accuracy anywhere in the world with Atlas™ H10 satellite differential correction service.

Upgrade to RTK 1 cm accuracy

You have access to a RTK base or Network? The Arrow 200 with Atlas is upgradable to RTK.*Using your smartphone, tablet or notebook computer, it can deliver 1cm real-time accuracy when connected to an RTK Network or RTK base.
*Activation fees applicable

atlas arrow series

Three levels of service are currently offered by Atlas. They offer the following accuracy :

  • H100: 1 m 95% (50 cm RMS)
  • H30: 30 cm 95% (15 cm RMS)
  • H10: 8 cm 95% (4 cm RMS)

Arrow 200 GNSS Accessories Included

  • (1) Antenna L1/L2/G1/G2/L-band
  • (1) Antenna pole adapter 5″
  • (2) Antenna cables
  • (1) Pole bracket with clamp
  • (1) Battery pack
  • (1) Battery charger 120-240V
  • (1) USB cable 6′
  • (1) Hard shell case

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