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GPS Precision Inc. is a leader in providing precision GPS solutions to industry throughout Canada and the USA.

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With a primary focus in forestry, mining, utilities, agriculture, survey and environmental, GPS Precision provides unparalleled industry knowledge, expertise and support that ensures clients choose the right hardware and software solutions to address their unique GPS and GIS needs.

bernard luc GPS PrecisionBernard-Luc Gagnon, CEO, is a geospatial specialist with over 20 years of experience in GIS, Forestry and Applied Ecology. He has served as a Geospatial Project Manager and Project Management Consultant and served as Project Supervisor for Brinkman & Associates and Bio-Engineering Labor Global Forestry Consulting.

Mr. Gagnon Possesses significant experience as a wildlife and forestry technician and resource project manager with exceptional skills in aerial imagery analysis, data collection, forestry survey, timber marking and project layout.

Bernard has conducted and participated in forestry surveys and field measurements that following accepted scientific and operational procedures and completed analysis, conducted research and performed technical function involving integrated resource management.

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